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Unitrade 745 (PTY) Ltd introduces the all new,
internationally patented Axia Cable Solutions Concept

RSA Registered Patent: A2008 / 01401, F2008 / 01402
USA Registered Design Patent Application: US D 599,289S &
EU Registered Design Patent 001089411-001-EU

AXIA Cable Solutions

Axia Cable Solutions


The Market norm is for automotive wire to be sold in thirty (30) meter coils. This method of sale however often leaves the store owner with a disorganized display, offers poor stock control, high cut off losses, bad space management as well as no visual appeal. For this reason Axia Cable Solutions designed and patented its new thirty (30) meter cable distribution board. The board has been designed specifically to assist the repair workshops with better control of stock as well as easy use and storage of cable stock. The board is available in a twelve (12) or thirty (30) cup option, offering cable sizes ranging from 0.35mm² to 8mm². The dispenser cups are also available individually incase of loss or damage.

Unitrade 745 (PTY) Ltd is the sole manufacturer and supplier of the Axia Cable Solutions concept, and also offers another unique Axia concept in the 5,10,15 and 30 meter coils. This unique concept gives the modern shop owner the ability to sell a wire range in unique retail friendly sizes and lengths, which is easy to manage, requires limited space, and offers self service. The concept allows removal of wire from the inside out, maintaining a uniform coil until the last metre is used. The wire cabling also displays well in order to fit into the overall image of the modern spares outlets.

The wire is coiled and uniquely shrink-wrapped with a 40 micron PVC sleeve then clearly labeled, bar coded and part numbered for easy sale and re-order purposes . The lengths vary according to demand. The labels carry all necessary product information such as wire description, colour, size & length.

Each product is fitted with an imported hang tag for easy display on existing peg boards, or the retailer can make use of our one stop concept where the wire coils are displayed on specially designed stands for increased sales potential. These stands take up little space as well as offer the customers a wide range to choose from. Repeat sales are also generated by on demand stock availability.

The fact that the coils are not supplied on plastic or wooden bobbins makes this concept more affordable. Extracting the wire from the coil is done by creating a hole in the label on the side, where indicated and by simply pulling and cutting to the required length, without creating tangles. The coil retains its shape until the last meter of wire is used. There after the remaining plastic sleeve can simply be discarded. See our short Axia Video - click here

Display before

  • Disorganised Appearance
  • Poor Stock Control
  • High Stock Shrinkage
  • High cut-off losses
  • Pricing problems
  • Requires Staff Member To Help Customer
  • Bad space management
  • No visible appeal
  • Un-friendly retail

Display after

  • Approximately 30% growth in sales
  • Stock Shrinkage drastically reduced
  • Easy re-ordering (Part numbered)
  • Easy Stock Handling (Bar-coded)
  • Easy Stock Control
  • Greater Visibility & Impulsive Buying
  • Greater range in the same space
  • Self Help & Easy pricing
  • No cut-off loses

To download the AXIA Pdf brochure - Click here

Axia Video

Axia Video

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